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Grid and gridless ion sources

BeamTec GmbH exclusively sells the “Next Generation” series ion sources by Kaufman & Robinson, Inc (KRI). In addition to gridless end-Hall ion sources, the product range also includes grid ion sources in Kaufman and RFICP versions. All units are designed to be straightforward to retrofit into existing deposition systems, or to integrate as an accessory into a new deposition system.

Typical applications can be found, for example, in ion beam assisted vaporation (IBAD), substrate cleaning and the production of diamond-like layers (DLC).

KRI is an American company that specializes in the development, production and distribution of ion beam sources and related power supplies. Over the past 30 years, KRI has developed a wide range of ion sources, including the EH1000 model as a successor to the successful Mark II source. KRI is a developer and patent proprietor of the gridless End-Hall technology and holds a variety of other patents in the field of ion beam technology.

Linear Ion Sources

New to our program are the linear ion sources of Beams & Plasmas.
These ion sources produce a wide ion beam of high uniformity along their length. They are very reliable and robust and can be operated with many gases and gas mixtures.
They do not require an extra neutralizer for charge compensation and can therefore be used permanently with chemically active gases such as oxygen, air, halogens, etc.
The electrodes have an almost unlimited lifetime when, for example, oxygen is used as a process gas.

Our range includes linear ion sources ranging in lengths from 125 mm to 800 mm and a compact round source with a diameter of 52 mm.

These ion sources are typically used for ion cleaning, ion etching, ion beam sputtering (IBS), ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD), PECVD and DLC coatings and surface treatment.

Beams & Plasmas is a Russian manufacturer of ion sources based on the principle of inverted magnetrons as well as RF plasma sources with 13.56 MHz excitation frequency.

Product range

End-HallAnode LayerRF ICP PlasmaRF PlasmaKaufman KDCRF ICP
Kaufman & Robinson Inc. LogoBeams&Plasma LogoKaufman & Robinson Inc. LogoBeams&Plasma LogoKaufman & Robinson Inc. LogoKaufman & Robinson Inc. Logo
gridlessgridlessgridlessgridless2/3 grids2/3 grids
Plasma dischargeDCDC2 MHz13,56 MHzDC2 MHz
Ion energy [eV]20 - 210500 - 25005 - 505 - 50100 - 1500100 - 1500
Max. Ion current [mA]6000200010001000
Beam shapeGaussian distributed,
45° HWHM
hollow shapeGaussian distributedGaussian distributedfocused / collimated /
focused / collimated /
Max. beam coverage
@ 300 mm [mm]
500 dia775 x 42 (L800)500 dia500 dia300 dia (KDC160)400 dia (RFICP360)
Apperture / grid diameter [mm]D22,
42 x 120 / 375 / 575 / 775
140128, 25010, 40, 80, 120, 16040, 120
140, 220, 360
Pressure [mbar]1E-5 - 5E-31E-5 - 1E-15E-4 - 1E-21E-3 - 1E-11E-5 - 5E-41E-5 - 5E-4

We are happy to send you up-to-date product information on request via info@beamtec.de.