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The RFICP ion sources produce a high density discharge without the use of filaments. The beam extracted from the discharge is precisely controlled to provide a defined shape, current density and ion energy.

BeamTec provides a complete product line of radio frequency, inductive coupled plasma (RFICP) gridded ion source products. The RFICP products incorporate most innovative gridded source technology. Advancements such as the RF filament-less plasma discharge and self-aligned ion optics are proven benefits. Without a filament in the plasma discharge chamber, the RFICP products are suited to operation where reactive gas discharges and long process runs are critical.

The RFICP products come in a comprehensive product package. The package is complete with components required to install and operate the RFICP products, including the RF inductively coupled RFICP ion source, application-specific ion optics, electron source neutralizer, power supply controller, vacuum feedthroughs, and cables.

Our RFICP products are used across the globe in world class research and industrial fabrication of optical, photonics, magnetic and microelectronic devices. The RFICP packages are configurable to suit installation platforms. These configurations can be integrated into numerous vacuum process platforms, including small multi-purpose R&D systems, dedicated planetary motion deposition or etching systems, box coaters, single wafer load-lock cluster tools, and low profile sputtering systems coaters.

The RFICP products are applied in standard and emerging material processes. The ability to produce and control ion species with specific energy, chemical reactivity, current density, and trajectory makes the RFICP products effective tools to engineer precision films and surfaces. Whether its densification, optical transmission, critical thickness uniformity, smooth interfaces, improved adhesion, or vertical sidewalls, the RFICP products are responsible for yielding beneficial material properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Inductively coupled / RF discharge
  • Optlin self aligning ion optics
  • Filamentless
  • Gas compatibility with Ar, Kr, Xe, O2, N2, H2,others
  • Beam Type: collimated, convergent, divergent
  • Low ion energy option without grids

Commonly, the RFICP products are applied in the following vacuum processes:

  • Ion beam assisted deposition in thermal & e-beam evaporation (IBAD)
  • In-situ preclean in sputtering & evaporation (PC)
  • Surface modification and activation (SM)
  • Direct deposition of thin and hard coatings (DD)
  • Ion beam sputter deposition of single and multilayer structures (IBSD)
  • Ion beam etching of surface features in any material (IBE)
  • Ion beam trimming, tuning and figuring of precision devices (IBE)
Ion Beam Current> 100 mA> 350 mA> 600 mA> 800 mA> 500 mA
Beam VOltage100 - 1200 V100 - 1200 V100 - 1200 V100 - 1200 V100 - 1200 V
Beam Size at Gitter40 mm> 100 mm140 mm> 200 mm> 360 mm
Gasflow3 - 10 sccm5 - 30 sccm5 - 30 sccm10 - 40 sccm10 - 80 sccm
Length135 mm191 mm246 mm410 mm580 mm
Height127 mm235 mm246 mm300 mm380 mm

Self-Aligning Grids (OptiBeam™)

The KDC product line incorporates KRI’s patented self-aligned ion optics technology. The OptiBeam™ grids do not require an alignment procedure. Through advanced engineering and precision construction, the straightforward assembly procedure assures the grids are aligned. The benefits of the self-aligning grids includes beam repeatability, extended grid lifetime, maximized ion current, reduced maintenance time and improved uptime.