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BeamTec offers a wide range of vacuum rotary feedthroughs for various applications.
You can choose between 2 different technologies that ensure both hermetic seal and the transfer of rotational motion to vacuum-side components.

Ferrofluid-sealed vacuum rotary feedthroughs

The hermetic seal is generated by O-rings of magnetic fluid in the feedthrough. Specially shaped shafts and housings in combination with strong magnets ensure that the ferrofluid forms a smooth and flexible yet vacuum-tight barrier.

Ferrofluid-sealed vacuum rotary feedthroughs


Magnetically coupled vacuum rotary feedthroughs

The rotational motion is transmitted via a magnetic coupling from an atmospheric mechanism to the shaft in the vacuum. Since the case is made from one piece and open only to the vacuum side, a hermetic seal is guaranteed. Even large torque and high axial loads can be transmitted thanks to strong magnets.

Typical applications are any kind motion transfer that require rotational movement in vacuum systems such as substrate holders, transport rolls or swing shutters.

Features & Benefits

  • hermetically sealed
  • UHV suitable
  • many applications
  • different sizes

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