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BeamTec GmbH provides supplies power for your plasma process.
In the program we have DC and pulsed DC power supplies, which can supply up to 1500 W for 2 connected magnetron sputtering sources or glow discharge electrodes.
They are also ideal for applications requiring precise coatings at low coating rates, as they can be stably operated even at low power levels (<2W).

Our 40 kHz MF generators from BDISCOM were developed for plasma excitation in sputtering, PECVD and plasma cleaning processes. A special transformer allows for the use of atmospheric plasma.

The 13,56 MHz RF Generators deliver a power output of 100 W to 750 W, this makes them suited for operation on small magnetrons or for smaller chambers.
Matchboxes matche the plasma impedance automatically to the 50 Ohm impedance of the 13,56 MHz generator

The BDS-ARC devices are power supplies designed for arc evaporators with current consumtion of up to 250 A.
The BDS-GLOW devices are compact power supplies for glow discharge processes.

Also in our program are DC / RF switches, RF blocking filter and low-pass filter from the manufacturer Manitou Systems. They are used to switch and connect the output of RF power generators, DC sputtering power supplies or impedance matching networks.

 DC-/gepulste DC-VersorgungMF-Generatoren 40 kHzHF-StromversorgungenArc-StromversorgungenGlimm-Stromversorgungen
MPS1500PMF generatorBDS HF AFP RF generator MF generatorGlimmstrom-Versorgung
Max. Ausgangsleistung1500 W15 kW750 W6,25 kW6,25 kW
Max. Ausgangsstrom2 A35 An. a.250 A1,6 A
Max. Ausgangsspannung1200 V800 Vn. a.25 V4000 V
BetriebsmodusDC und PulseDCMF 40 kHz mit PulsoptionHF 13,56 MHzDCDC
SchnittstellenRS232 oder RS485,
Bluetooth, EthernetIP, Analog I/O
digital/analog (PE II kompatible Schnittstelle);
Profibus optional
digital/analog IO, RS232,
Profibus optional
Profibus optional
Profibus optional
Abmessungen19", 2 HE19", 4 HE1/2 19", 3 HE
19" , 4 HE19", 4 HE