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The new SmartBeam evaporator series is suitable for optical coating processes as well as for metalization at high coating rates. An efficient cooling system of the crucible and the deflection unit guarantees reliable operation in demanding production processes.

All multi hearth evaporators produce a small beam diameter of 3 mm with minimal distortion over the crucible surface.
The crucible drive is carried out by means of a DC motor with built-in encoder and absolute position marking.
In the EB M series, the motor and crucible drive are on the atmosphere side and are flanged axially to the crucible shaft.
In the EB S series, the motor and crucible drive are encapsulated in the vacuum. This allows free positioning of the evaporator within the coating chamber.

Features & Benefits

  • Magnet system with low inductivity and effective cooling
  • Small beam diameter independant from its position on the crucible
  • DC motor on atmosphere side with integrated encoder und absolute positioning
  • High performance and LiftOff filament block
  • Support of high Sweep frequencies
  • Excellent control of the beam for opt. Materials
  • Reliable crucible positioning with stall protection
  • Easy filament installation and long filament lifetime



  • Evaporator positioning in chamber without restrictrions (EB S-series)
  • Magnetic crucible cover plate for reduced secondary electron bombardment towards substrate
  • Customer specified pocket geometry
  • Ferrofluid sealed rotary feedthrough for crucible rotation (only EBM-series); allows base pressure down to 1E-9 mBar

EB M-8 II with motor und crucible drive on atmosphere side

EB S-8 II with motor und crucible drive on vacuum side

 EB M-4x4EB M-6 II
EB M-10 II
EB S-10 II
Max. Betriebsleistung4 kW6 kW8 kW10 kW
Hochspannungsbereich4 - 10 kV
Spulenablenkstrom (x/y)± 3 A
Strahldurchmesser3 mm, mit minimaler Verzerrung über die Tiegelfläche
TiegelantriebDC-Motor mit eingebautem Encoder und absoluter Positionsmarkierung
EBM-x: Motor und Positionierung an Atmosphäre axial an Tiegelwelle geflanscht
EBS-x: Motor und Positionierung im Vakuum gekapselt; Verdampfer frei positionierbar
Typ. Tiegelkonfiguration4 x 4 cm³4 x 8 cm³
6 x 6 cm³
8 x 4 cm³
4 x 40 cm³
6 x 20 cm³
8 x 15 cm³
4 x 60 cm³
6 x 40 cm³
8 x 20 cm³
Abmessungen Vakuum
(H x B x L in mm) :
120 x 87 x 206130 x 112 x 250
164 x 112 x 282
130 x 150 x 304
164 x 150 x 304
130 x 190 x 346
164 x 190 x 346
Magnet current feedthrough
Magnet current feedthrough
High voltage feedthrough
LiftOff-Filament Block
LiftOff Filament Block
Crucible drive
Crucible drive


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