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BeamTec has extended its product line by a wide range of magnetically coupled rotary vacuum feedthroughs. Solid shaft rotary feedthroughs as well as hollow shaft models are available. These rotary feedthroughs are designed to be heavy duty and could support up to 10 Kg load on the rotating shaft.

The rotational motion is transmitted via a magnetic coupling from an atmospheric mechanism to the shaft in the vacuum. Since the case is made from one piece and open only to the vacuum side, a hermetic seal is guaranteed. Even large torque and high axial loads can be transmitted thanks to strong magnets.

Typical applications are any kind motion transfer that require rotational movement in vacuum systems such as substrate holders, transport rolls or swivel blinds.

Features & Benefits

  • Precise transfer of the rotational motion
  • Usable up to UHV
  • Transfer of high torque forces
  • Hermetically sealed housing
Vollwellen DrehdurchführungenHohlwellen Drehdurchführungen
Rotary MotionContinous/90°Continous
ActuatorManual/PneumaticManual/Step Motor
Laser etched scale5° increments1° increments
Beakable to150 °C150 °C
MaterialSS 316/NdFeB MagnetSS 316/NdFeB Magnet
Shaft6 mm with tapping holeHollow shaft, 30 mm dia and 58 mm dia
WeightManual Actuator: ~0,4 Kg
Pneumatic Actuator: ~0,5 Kg
Heavy Duty Design
2,6 bis 8,2 Kg
MountingNW16CF FlangeStandard ConFlat Flange
Vacuum rangeup to E-11 mbar
Life Time (Revolutions)1.300.000300.000
Max. rotating speed36 rpm
Breakaway torque30 Nm

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