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DC-/ RF-Switches

Matrixx switch modules are used to switch the output of RF power generators, DC sputter power supplies, or impedance matching networks. Different models are designed for switching direct current only, while other devices can switch both the HF and the direct current supply to different outputs. The switching is performed with a v4 VDC control. This provides a cost effective approach in most R&D environments. Standard models are available with 2, 3 and 4 outputs using industry standard RF connectors (Types 7/16, N, HN, UHF & BNC). Special versions using Multi-Contact type plugs & sockets are available upon request.

Basic models enable switching of a single RF or DC input between multiple outputs. DC only models use high quality open frame relays while RF/DC models use vacuum relays. (Please note that some low power applications can utilize open frame relays – consult us for more information.)

You can find a selection of our switches in our Onlineshop.

About Manitou Systems Inc.

Manitou Systems Inc. is an US american manufacturer of RF and plasma processing tools that are specially designed for research and industrial applications. The produt range includes DC/RF Switches, RF-Blocking- and Low Pass-Filters in standard und customer-specific version.

Combined models enable both RF and DC power systems to be connected to the switch module and switched between multiple outputs. The DC input utilizes an RF blocking filter to keep any conducted RF from interfering with the operation of the DC power system.

The compact Matrixx Mini switch modules can be mounted directly at a magnetron cathode ( sputtering source ) to provide an easy method to switch between and RF and DC power generators.
The Mini can also be located at the output of a power generator to enable switching between two loads.

RF Auto-Matchboxes with integrated Switch

New to our range are HF auto matchboxes from Bdiscom with an integrated DC input, which enable the connected load(s) to be operated either with DC or HF. Due to the integrated switch, no additional device with appropriate cable connections is necessary. The construction and connection is significantly simplified.

All switch modules can also be directly connected (and powered) by a user’s PLC or computer control I/O. A DB-15 type connector is mounted on the side of the housing and is used to connect the control voltages.

RF Blocking Filters

BeamTec also offers RF Blocking filters that enable both RF and DC power to be connected to a magnetron sputtering cathode. This is desirable to achieve certain deposited thin film characteristics. The filter topology is typically a multi element “L” enabling a high degree of fundamental frequency attenuation. The output of this filter is connected to the magnetron cathode in parallel with the output of an RF impedance matching network. The filter’s input is connected to the DC sputtering power supply. It should be noted that the DC energy is blocked from entering the matching network by the network’s series capacitor.

Application specific versions are always available upon request. Please contact the sales department to discuss your application.


Low Pass Filters

Eliminator RF Low Pass models are typically installed in the 50 ohm coaxial transmission line at the input of the impedance matching network. They function to attenuate harmonic energy without affecting the fundamental frequency or introducing significant phase shift.

Harmonics are generated in the plasma discharge and usually kept from returning back to the RF generator by the inherent filtering action of the matching network. However, the impedance of some plasmas require matching circuits that may not completely filter these harmonics. The symptoms may include unstable or non-repeatable (automatic) impedance matching network operation and the inability to achieve low reflected power.