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BeamTec has extended its product range of rotary vacuum feedthrough with magnetical sealing technology. The hermetical seal is achieved using o-rings made of a magnetic fluid around the rotating shaft. Specially shaped shafts and housings in combination with strong magnets ensure that the ferrofluid forms a smooth and flexible yet vacuum-tight barrier.

Ferrofluid feedthroughs have several benefits over conventionally sealed feedthroughs, including:

  • Improved reliability: Ferrofluid feedthroughs use a magnetic seal that is resistant to wear and has a longer lifespan compared to mechanical seals.

  • Increased vacuum performance: Ferrofluid feedthroughs provide an ultra-high vacuum seal that is not possible with mechanical seals.

  • Lower maintenance: Ferrofluid feedthroughs do not require regular maintenance like mechanical seals, which can be prone to leaks and wear.

  • No contamination: Ferrofluid feedthroughs do not introduce contamination into the vacuum chamber, making them ideal for applications where a clean environment is critical.

  • High temperature tolerance: Ferrofluid feedthroughs can operate at high temperatures, making them suitable for demanding applications where high temperatures are present.

Overall, ferrofluid feedthroughs provide a reliable, low-maintenance, high-performance solution for transferring rotating motion in a vacuum environment.

Typical applications are any kind motion transfer that require rotational movement in vacuum systems such as substrate holders, transport rolls or swivel blinds.

We provide a wide selection of different models or the possibilty to design and manufacture custom feedthroughs according to your specifications.


A selection of feedthroughs can be found in our Onlineshop.

Features & Benefits

  • Hermetic sealing
  • High vacuum compatibility
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • High rotation speeds
  • Transfer of high torque
  • Optional cooling
  • Custom solutions

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