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Ferrofluid sealed

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BeamTec has extended its product range of rotary vacuum feedthrough with magnetical sealing technology. The hermetical seal is achieved using o-rings made of a magnetic fluid around the rotating shaft. Specially shaped shafts and housings in combination with strong magnets ensure that the ferrofluid forms a smooth and flexible yet vacuum-tight barrier.

Benefits of this technology include long maintenance intervals, operation reliability and high rotation speed and transfer of high torque.
The feedthroughs can be cooled using water or helium.

We provide a wide selection of different models or the possibilty to design and manufacture custom feedthroughs according to your specifications.

Typical applications are any kind motion transfer that require rotational movement in vacuum systems such as substrate holders, transport rolls or shutters.

A selection of feedthroughs can be found in our Onlineshop.

Features & Benefits

  • Low leakage rate
  • High vacuum compatible down to 1E-9 mBar
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • High rotation speed
  • Transfer of high torque without slip
  • Optional cooling
  • Custom solutions
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