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Linear ion sources generate wide ion beams with high uniformity along their length. These anode layer type ion beam sources are very reliable and robust devices that can be operated with a wide range of gases and mixtures. They don’t need an extra neutralizer for charge compensation and thus are able to continuously operate using chemically active gases (oxygen, air, halogens, etc.). The source electrodes have almost unlimited lifetime when working with oxygen. For many applications air can be used instead of oxygen.

Mounting configurations

All linear ion sources are available for internal and external mount configurations. Internally mount sources include a single KF25 utility port. A tilting head option with variable penetration depth e.g. for ion assist in confocal sputtering applications can be ordered for the smaller L125 and L145 sources.

Power supply package

Along with the inverted magnetron ion sources we provide dedicated voltage or current controlled power supplies. When utilizing its integrated gas control feature both ion beam current and anode voltage can be kept constant.

Circular ion source D52

Apart from the linear sources the circular ion source D52 provides a tubular beam profile with 22 mm in diameter and small divergence. Thus it is ideal for ion beam sputtering or etching applications onto small targets or substrates while offering high ion energies with up to 150 mA ion beam current.


Features & Benefits

  • Compact linear design
  • Internal and flange mount versions
  • Long electrode lifetime
  • Self-neutralizing ion beam
  • High ion density
  • Compatible with a variety of gases
  • Wide pressure range up to 1E-1 mbar
Typical applications of Anode Layer sources include

  • Ion cleaning, ion etching
  • Ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD)
  • Surface modification
  • Ion beam sputtering (IBS)
Supply Voltage500 .. 5000 V
Mean ion energyCa. 1/2 der Versorgungsspannung
Max. beam current150 mA300 mA350 mA1000 mA1500 mA2000 mA
Gas efficiency8 mA/sccm10 mA/sccm
Beam shapeRöhreHohles Rechteck
Beam size22 mm dia100 x 42 mm120 x 42 mm375 x 42 mm575 x 42 mm775 x 42 mm
Internal source length52 mm dia126 mm146 mm396 mm600 mm800 mm
External flangeISO63KISO160KISO160K480 x 186 mm684 x 186 mm884 x 186 mm
Beam divergence angle
Operating pressure1E-5 bis 1E-1
Work gasAr, H2, He, Xe, O2, N2, CxHy, CO2, CxFy