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As an exclusive partner in the German-speaking region, BeamTec sells the entire range of products on vacuum sensors and measuring devices. These include pirani measuring sensors with convection balancing, hot cathode ionization tubes based on the Bayard Alpert principle, and double-inverted cold cathode ionization vacuum meters in both passive and active design with an integrated controller. Full range measuring tubes from the atmosphere to the ultra-high vacuum range and combination measuring tubes (Pirani + capacity measurement cells) complete the product spectrum.

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An overview of the different models and their specifications can be found here.

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About InstruTech Inc.

InstruTech Inc. Is an American manufacturer that specializes in the development and manufacture of vacuum measurement components and controls. The product range includes measuring tubes in the pressure range from 2E-11 mBar to atmospheric pressure, vacuum switches and controllers.


Ionization vacuum gauges

For a vacuum measurement range between 1E-11 mBar and 5E-2 mBar, as well as wide-range combi devices

Convection enhanced Pirani Vacuum Gauges

For a vacuum measurement range between 1E-4 mBar and 1 mBar

Wide range vacuum measurement

For a high vacuum measurement range
Between 1E-8 mBar and 1000 mbar

Vacuum switches

Absolute and relative

Vacuum Controllers

For one or more measuring sensors