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Our thin film monitor TFM260 for the measurement and control of the film thickness is designed to achieve reliability and ease of use while still offering all required functions for the manual control of the deposition process.

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Features & Benefits

  • 2 high resolution measurement channels; optional up to 6 channels
  • 4.3″ touch screen graphical display
  • Rate/thickness/frequency vs. time charts
  • 6 programmable analog outputs for rate/ thickness recording or power control
  • 4 digital inputs (5 V); 4 relay outputs
  • D/A and RS232 interface compatibility to SQM160
  • User Interface: RS232/RS485 and Ethernet
  • Front panel USB port for storage and firmware upgrade
  • Supports one QMB6-transducer (USB/RS485) directly and QMB6-PoE units via external PoE-switch

The TFM260 mutli channel thin film monitor is used to measure rate and thickness in thin film deposition processes. The touch screen display allows for intuitive operation and provides time charts for detailed process control. Two sensor inputs are standard and four additional sensor inputs are optional. All of them featuring high resolution measurement of 0.01 Hz at up to 10 Hz sampling rate. Six analog outputs allow rate and thickness recording or can be assigned to control manual power with any deposition units. Sensor inputs can be assigned to different materials, configured for dual sensors or averaged using individual weights. Four relay outputs allow the TFM260 to control source or sensor shutters, trigger time and thickness setpoints, and signal crystal failure. Digital inputs allow external signals to start/stop the layer and zero readings.

QCM Sensor EingangStandard: 2; optional: 4 oder 6 unter Verwendung von externen Oszillatoren
Frequenzbereich4 - 6,5 MHz
Frequenz-Auflösung± 0,04 Hz bei 10 reads/sec
Frequenz-Stabilität± 2 ppm, bei 0 °C bis 50 °C
Wählbare Messperiode± 0,10 bis 2 s (in 0,05 s Schritten)
Messfilter1 bis 20 Messungen mit programmierbarem Alpha-Filter
Gespeicherte Schichten99
Analoge Ausgänge6 (0 bis 10 VDC) für Rate/Schichtdicke/Frequenz
Digitale Eingänge/Ausgänge4 Eingänge (5 V), 8 Relaisausgänge
Serielle SchnittstellenExtern: RS-232/RS-485 + Ethernet
QMB6 Messwertaufnehmer: QMB6-U oder QMB6-4; QMB6-PoE via externerm PoE-Switch
Frontplattenbedienung4,3“ Touchscreen-Display mit Drehgeber
Leistung100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 W
CE-KonformitätClass 1 equipment, 73/72/EEC LVD, 89/336/EEC ECD
Gehäuse/Montage1/2" Schaltschrank, 3-1/2"
Gewicht3 kg
Windows Software (beiliegend)Ermöglicht Fern-Setup und Betrieb, Datenaufzeichnung, kann auch mit SQM160 Software betrieben werden


Passive external oscillator incl. 10 cm BNC cable (BT-QM-EO)

Accessories cables

BNC cable

Accessory test quartz crystal

Test quartz crystal