BeamTec introduces itself

BeamTec GmbH is a company specialized in sales and service of components for electron beam, ion beam and plasma applications in vacuum and thin film technology.

We combine the core competence of technology leaders in various segments and create customer-specific solutions with innovative products.

Our customer base includes well-known manufacturers for ophthalmic lens coating systems, high-end optics, semiconductors or generally customers in vacuum process technology.



An overview of our activities

  • Customized solutions of innovative components of vacuum technology
  • Import/export and trade of vacuum and thin film technology products
  • System consulting and conception
  • 3D-CAD design
  • Process support
  • Repair service and on-site service

BeamTec GmbH has ensured to be able to meet the increasingly complex customer requirements and expectations by introducing an in-house quality management. Since 2014, BeamTec GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our technology center includes a vacuum coating plant, as well as a clean room for assembly, cleaning and packaging of ultra-high vacuum products.