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The MPS500 and MPS1500P are versatile dual source power supplies for R&D coating & cleaning applications. They can control up to two sources which can be any combination of compact magnetron sputter sources or glow discharge electrodes.
The 1500W model MPS1500P offers DC or pulsed DC mode operation with intuitive pulse with control on the graphical LCD screen.
The 500W model MPS500 also features one input for monitoring of an active vacuum gauge with interlock functionality.

Stability and Control

Extremely stable output allows for operating the sources even at low power levels (< 2W). This makes this device unique in its class and ideal for low rate and precise coating applications.

Features & Benefits

  • DC and/or pulsed DC operating mode
  • Integrated switch to connect up to two magnetrons
  • Fast arc detection and suppression
  • Selectable voltage, current & power regulation mode
  • Stable operation down to 2 Watts
  • Large impedance range
  • Ideal for 1“ to 4“ magnetron operation
  • User friendly interface with LCD display, keypad and rotary encoder operation
  • One pressure measurement gauge channel for active gauges (list of gauges frequently updated by firmware upload)



Max output power500 W1500 W (DC)
1050 W (Pulsed DC - unipolar)
Output voltage1000 V (ignition 1200 V)1000 V (ignition 1200 V)
Output current1 A max3 A max
Mode of operationDCDC und PulseDC (duty cycle 3 ..70 %)
Outputs2; connector N-Typ2; connector N-Typ
Frequency of operation-10..120 kHz for PulseDC
optional: 10..300 kHz
Main supply230 VAC/3,15 A230 VAC/max. 8 A
DisplayAlphanumeric LCD 2x16Graphics LCD 240x64
Active vacuum gauge supportYesNo
InterfacesRS232 or RS485 (ModBus RTU-Protocol) and EthernetIP (ModBus TCP Protocol) , Analog I/ORS232 or RS485 (ModBus RTU-Protocol) and EthernetIP (ModBus TCP Protocol) , Analog I/O
Arc managementAdvanced with controlAdvanced; < 2 us response time
Monitoring of target usageNoYes